Removing Dents from Your Pride and Joy

We spend time removing dents from your pride and joy alongside the dent repairs we carry out on newer vehicles.

We all have our daily runabout vehicles for getting us to work, driving to the supermarket, playing ‘parent cabs’ for several hours each day and so much more besides.

These vehicles can take quite a battering whereby dents appear from the wheelie bin hitting the car in the wind, the post at the end of the driveway or within a car park making contact with the car, other car doors being opened and smacking our vehicle, the supermarket trolley bumping into the rear of the car, dents appear from damage in hail storms and (of course) those minor collisions whilst driving As you know, Dent Technique works to remove dents from all of these incidents and the price is far lower than any quote you’d obtain from a car body shop.

But, we also wanted to take the opportunity to showcase those vehicles that are (quite simply) an owner’s ‘pride and joy’, to show you that it’s not just the everyday vehicle that can get damaged and to reassure you that we can get these vehicles back up to a perfect standard should they get dented.

So, how can a vehicle you care about so much get damaged? Well, even those vehicles that are safely stored in a garage can be hit by falling suitcases (we’ve repaired one that did). Dents can spring up at the most inopportune moments and many owners call us in a panic, because often this happens just before they’re about to showcase their pride and joy at an owner’s club event.

As you can see throughout this post, we’ve had the pleasure of repairing a number of beautiful classic vehicles and these photographs have just been taken from repairs that Dent Technique has carried out during 2017.

Throughout our history, we’ve removed dents from the brand-new car to your classic pride and joy.


Do give us a call for a quotation and save our contact number in your mobile phone for a fast quote whenever you need us. Many customers simply text us a photo of the damage or drop us a message (with the photo) via our Facebook page.

Here are our contact details:

Telephone: 0800 988 0239

Get a Super-Fast Response – Text: 07967 647138


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