What has your brand new car been through?

Who knows what your brand-new car has been through before you take delivery?

This car was placed on display within a showroom to promote the new 17 registration plate. It had only been on display for just two days, when suddenly a dent was discovered. The assumption is that the dent was caused by someone viewing the car next to it and opening the door straight onto this one.

In order to fix the dent prior to sale, the last resort for the dealership was thought to be the option of filling and painting the dent, as they wanted to keep the bodywork warranty and the integrity of the car intact.

However, rather than painting and filling the dent, they contacted Dent Technique and we turned up at the showroom the following day. We worked on the dent to remove it and as you can see from the before and after pictures, we successfully restored the new car back to its original condition keeping the integrity of it intact.

We are always keen to leave our contact details with car dealerships and can help to successfully remove dents from new cars ready for sale.  Accidents happen and dents are caused on many occasions even within the showroom.

Do keep Dent Technique’s contact details – Call: 0800 988 0239

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Fixing Dented Motorbike Petrol Tanks

Here are the before and after pictures of a dent Tall Paul repaired on a motorbike petrol tank.

The dent on the motorbike petrol tank was caused when the owner was servicing and preparing the bike ready for a tour around Europe. The bike dropped off its standing and hit a door frame!

The cost of a new tank would be around £400 to £600 unpainted, plus this would be a bespoke order.

So, the owner of the motorbike decided to pop around to Dent Technique in Enderby to make an appointment to have the dent removed. As you can see from the third picture, these are the results.

The owner is currently touring Europe on his dent free motorbike!!!

Need help to remove dents? Call Dent Technique on 0800 988 0239

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Removing Dents from Your Pride and Joy

We spend time removing dents from your pride and joy alongside the dent repairs we carry out on newer vehicles.

We all have our daily runabout vehicles for getting us to work, driving to the supermarket, playing ‘parent cabs’ for several hours each day and so much more besides.

These vehicles can take quite a battering whereby dents appear from the wheelie bin hitting the car in the wind, the post at the end of the driveway or within a car park making contact with the car, other car doors being opened and smacking our vehicle, the supermarket trolley bumping into the rear of the car, dents appear from damage in hail storms and (of course) those minor collisions whilst driving As you know, Dent Technique works to remove dents from all of these incidents and the price is far lower than any quote you’d obtain from a car body shop.

But, we also wanted to take the opportunity to showcase those vehicles that are (quite simply) an owner’s ‘pride and joy’, to show you that it’s not just the everyday vehicle that can get damaged and to reassure you that we can get these vehicles back up to a perfect standard should they get dented.

So, how can a vehicle you care about so much get damaged? Well, even those vehicles that are safely stored in a garage can be hit by falling suitcases (we’ve repaired one that did). Dents can spring up at the most inopportune moments and many owners call us in a panic, because often this happens just before they’re about to showcase their pride and joy at an owner’s club event.

As you can see throughout this post, we’ve had the pleasure of repairing a number of beautiful classic vehicles and these photographs have just been taken from repairs that Dent Technique has carried out during 2017.

Throughout our history, we’ve removed dents from the brand-new car to your classic pride and joy.


Do give us a call for a quotation and save our contact number in your mobile phone for a fast quote whenever you need us. Many customers simply text us a photo of the damage or drop us a message (with the photo) via our Facebook page.

Here are our contact details:

Telephone: 0800 988 0239

Get a Super-Fast Response – Text: 07967 647138

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/denttechnique/

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Dent Punched into Nearly New Car

Dent Punched into Nearly New Car – This picture shows a car our technicians repaired after its owner punched it…Yes, his own car!

Dent Punched into Nearly New Car

This was a very unusual request by a guy who said he needed us to see if we could repair the dent that had been caused by him punching the car.

He’d punched the car following an incident which involved a third party and his daughter.  His wife restrained him from the inevitable, but instead he took his anger and frustration out on their nearly new car.

As a result of his actions, he had caused a rift between himself and his wife who told him he had two weeks to get the car fixed.

His neighbour had become aware of this situation and had advised him to give Dent Technique a call.  As you can see by the results he did the right thing, because we repaired the damage and all’s well.

Dent Punched into Nearly New Car Before and After

Need our help? Call: 0800 9880239 or for a quick quotation text photos of the damage to: 07967 647138

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The First Dent Repair following Thursday’s Oakham Hail Storm

This is the first car we have repaired with hail damage from the storm last Thursday evening in Oakham.

The First Dent Repair following Thursday’s Oakham Hail Storm Car one

We received a call from a chap who filmed the storm, but unfortunately didn’t have time or a place to get his car under cover in order to protect it from the hail.

He called Dent Technique on Friday morning and we’d provided him with a quote by Friday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, we repaired his car bringing it back to as good as new condition at our Unit in Enderby.

If your car has been damaged in the recent hail storm in Oakham and you’d like a quotation for repairs where we’d remove the dents caused by the hail, please do call us on 0800 988 0239 today!

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Hail Damage Dent Repairs on Vehicles in Oakham

Hail Damage Dent Repairs on Vehicles in Oakham – Whilst the rest of us stayed dry in warm and humid weather with sunshine for most parts, Oakham was hit by a hail storm on Thursday night (6th July 2017).

The force and size of hail stones can vary, but often cause hail damage to cars as they hit.  The hail stones don’t always chip the paintwork, but cause dents which can look extremely unsightly.  However, as paintless dent repair specialists covering Rutland, Leicestershire and beyond, Dent Technique can remove any hail damage.

The hail storm that hit Oakham has damaged a number of vehicles.  Dent Technique’s first dent repair following the hail storm in Oakham is booked in for tomorrow.

We are expecting to receive many more enquiries and calls for dent repairs on vehicles following the hail storm that has hit the Rutland area.

In those large hail storms that hit the UK a few years ago, we found that many enquiries were made once insurance claims had been submitted and we’ve even repaired one or two vehicles from that storm this year.

You are very welcome to contact Dent Technique for a quotation prior to making an insurance claim for the repair, as many customers find the cost for us to carry out dent repairs is often less than their insurance excess.

For a quick quotation, take a few photos of the dents on your phone and text them to: 07967 647138

Alternatively call: 0800 988 0239

Hail Damage Dent Repairs on Vehicles in Oakham Hail Damage on Cars

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Dent Removal that Exceeds Customer Expectations

Here’s an example of something we’re not often asked to do… Remove a dent from a motorcycle’s petrol tank

We repaired this for MJC Motorcycles, the motorbike shop two doors down from our Dent Technique unit.

They asked us to tidy it up, because the motorbike had damage to the paintwork and the shop wanted to reduce the amount of filler that would be needed when he had it painted.

As you can see from the before and after photo’s, we don’t do “Tidy-ups” J

Dent Removal that Exceeds Customer Expectations Motorbike

It’s great to exceed customer expectations…

For complete dent repairs with no paint or filler, give us a call here at Dent Technique on 0800 988 0239

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A Collision with a Skip

This dent was unfortunately caused by a collision with a skip!

Due to the car being just one Year old, she returned it to the dealership where she’d purchased the vehicle.  Their on-site body shop told her she would need a new Tailgate.

The quotation for this replacement was sizeable and to cover the cost she would need to submit a claim with her insurer.

After a little time in shock at the size of the body shop quotation, she decided to look for quotations elsewhere.  Her first stop was Dent Technique!

We assessed the damage and supplied her with a written quotation. She thought it was so reasonable that she decided to book an appointment with us to get the dent removed the following week.  She even paid us directly by credit card to save herself an insurance claim.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, she was a very happy customer when she left our Dent Technique premises in Enderby, Leicester.

For quotes and further details about Dent Technique‘s paintless dent removal services please call: 0800 988 0239

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Rodders Racing at Donington Park Race Report

Qualifying – Well after being on the circuit for three laps trying to settle in after last year’s big crash, the qualifying session was red flagged. Another rider joined the Cranner Club, so it was back to the paddock only to be called back up.  I had an out lap and an in lap, so no time was recorded.  With just having three laps (which was a joke) I was 29th on the grid.

Race 1 – I started 29th and declared a wet race.

With half an hour left until we were due out on track, the heavens opened.  The sudden rain lead to a mad change to wet tyres and I had to put on my ‘over suit’ in preparation for a wet race. This was always going to be a difficult race, because Donington is mega slippery when wet.  I just had to crack on and do my best, but treat it like an extended qualifying to get a good grid slot for race 2.

Once the start lights went out, there was a mad dash down into turn one with hardly any visibility with all the spray and rain that was still descending down on us.  I just kept my concentration on the job and found myself pretty near the back, but as each lap passed I was picking up pace and closing in on a few riders in front.

On the second to last lap, I was battling to get by two riders, but it didn’t happen until the last corner on the last lap.  I managed to shave twelve seconds off my lap time from the start to a race finish of 24th, and I popped in a good lap time for race 2.

Race 2 – I started 18th.  As the lights went out, I made a good start making up some places and we were right in the thick of it in the middle of the field with six of us battling throughout the race for 15th place, with passes going out every lap swapping places.  It was great to have some mega close racing with everyone having a bit of respect for one-another. On the last lap I managed to turn the bike a bit tighter coming out of Melbourne loop and getting some extra drive to nip up the inside to grab another spot to finish in 17th place with only a second separating the six of us…wow!

Race 3 – I started 23rd and got a good start, but found myself playing catch up throughout the race to Lee Rawlings and the epic battle he was having with two other riders.  This was great to watch, but I was ringing its neck to try and join in on the action. After a few laps I closed in on the action. By this time, Lee had pulled a gap and as the laps were counting down, I could see my good mate edging away.  At the ‘Esses’ on lap six, I made a pass on the brakes up the inside to take one place, then on the next lap I managed to out brake the next one into Goddards, but couldn’t get close enough to Lee as the checkered flag came out to finish 18th.

Race 4 – I started 20th.  On the warm up lap my good mate Mat Rawlings went down on the exit of McLeans with Steve Frizzell and myself nearly getting caught up in it, but thankfully Mat was ok.

I got a mega start making up a few good places, then down the straight to the ‘esses’ a green zx10r came flying down the inside struggling to stop and crashing straight into Peter De Zeeuw, taking him out with both going straight down into the gravel trap.  By the end of lap one I was up into 13th place pushing every lap, but just couldn’t close in on the 12th place.  I had a bit of a lonely race to bring it home in 13th and bagged a few championship points along the way.  Happy days.



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No Limits Racing Rounds One & Two with Rodders Racing

Rodders Racing returned to the fabulous Silverstone Circuit for Round One of No Limits Racing on 25th and 26th March and once again Dent Technique is a proud sponsor of the team.

This time they competed on the International Circuit for this round of the series.  You can see from the pictures that it was an exciting event for the team.

No Limits Racing Rounds One & Two with Rodders Racing

Here’s the Silverstone race report from Rodders Racing​

“During Silverstone qualifying, I was a bit concerned (after my off at Donington down Cranners last season) about whether the bike would ride ok following the rebuild with having done no testing beforehand – I had to just suck it and see. We ended up 27th on the grid. Not bad considering lol

Race 1 – I had a good start and very close racing with plenty of good battles throughout, but still 1.5 second off last year’s lap time and finishing 24th

Race 2 – I started 25th on the grid and times were improving with every lap.  I was battling with Lee Rawlings and Andrew Shim throughout the race to bring it home in 21st place.

Race 3 – I started 19th on the grid and got a good start.  I quickly started to settle down with the bike again and push it more towards the limit.  I was beginning to match last year’s lap time to finish 17th.

Race 4 – I started 19th for the last race of the weekend. I got a flying start and made up a few places up into turn one.  I then got my head down for yet another cracking race with Andrew Shim and chasing down Mat Rawlings who held me off to the flag. Finishing 14th and beating last year’s lap time by 1/2 second 😎”

We are really delighted with how their new team gear is looking – What do you think?

No Limits Racing Rounds One & Two with Rodders Racing Team Gear

On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April Rodders Racing competed at Brands Hatch for Round Two of No Limits Racing.

No Limits Racing Rounds One & Two with Rodders Racing Brands Hatch Strip

Brands Hatch Race Report – Round 2

After arriving mid afternoon Friday we were hoping to get a test session to dial into the track, but with one thing and another, this didn’t happen.  So it was straight into qualifying on the Saturday morning.

Bike all ready with slicks on, then a slight spit of rain came 15 minutes before we were due out, lead to a quick swap of wheels to intermediate tyres and a slight adjustment to suspension and steering damper.

As soon as we were entering the track it hammered it down and we realised we’d made the wrong tyre choice, which was the same for a lot of others on the track.  After skating round spinning up all over the place, four laps were enough for me.  I came in early while I was still upright and ended up 22nd on the grid.

Race 1 – Wet tyres fitted and I was bogged down a bit at the start and lost a few places.  I just kept my head down and kept trying to gain a few spots back.  Four laps in, the track dried so back to sliding about on the wrong tyres and destroying the rear tyre.  I ended up finishing 23rd

Race 2 – I started 22nd on the grid and with the added bonus of a dry track for the first time during the weekend.  I messed the start up by being a bit late dropping the clutch out and lost a few places again, but I managed to get a couple back and couldn’t really find any pace, finishing 24th.

Race 3 – I started 27th on the grid with a good start and found a bit of pace after a strange beginning to the weekend’s racing. I spent the entire race in a close battle with Peter de Zeeuw, but just couldn’t find a way passed him to finish 24th.

Race 4 – I started 26th on the grid with a flying start and was back on it for the first time over the weekend.  I found some real pace.  It was all action packed up until the first corner and down Paddock Hill bend and up to druids.  I made a couple of places up and found myself chasing Peter de Zeeuw down again, but I managed to pull a move to get by into Paddock Hill with Mat Rawlings following closely behind.  The three of us were battling right until the end with me finishing 19th.

A challenging weekend for all, but a few things learned along the way.  I’m really looking forward to Donnington and Round 3 on the 20th and 21st of May – Things will be on the up 😎

Here’s a selection of pictures from the event.

No Limits Racing Rounds One & Two with Rodders Racing Brands Hatch Round 2



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