Here are Before & After pictures of what happens when your Reverse Park Sensors don’t work until you hit a protruding Tree Branch !!
This is what happed in this case, the unfortunate owner of this Car was waiting for Her Reverse Park sensors to alert Her that she was close to a tree but she didn’t anticipate a Tree Branch protruding higher up!!
As you can see from the Before pictures the impact of the Branch made a Sharp Stretched Dent in her Tailgate and she was told she it needed a complete repaint estimating to the extent of an Insurance Claim, however the Bodyshop recommended she should try Dent-Technique first ?
As you can see from the After Pictures we not only repaired her Tailgate back to it’s original condition keeping the integrity of the Car in tact, it was repaired within an hour at the fraction of the Bodyshop Quotation !!