This is what happens when you trap your Wheelie Bin between your house wall & your 6-Month-old Mini Countryman Cooper S !!

As you can image the owner was absolutely livid that she had managed to do this, so she drove straight to the local BMW Dealership where she purchased the Car, they assessed the damage and quoted her an Astronomical figure and told her she would lose the Car for a week !!

Then she remembered we had repaired one of her Cars around 5 Years ago so she came to see us for a quotation.

As you can see from the pictures we not only executed the repair to perfection but for a fraction of the BMW quote, it was repaired within hours so we returned her car the same day.

Most importantly the repair was completed without the use of any paint or filler keeping the integrity of the car intact.

No Filler, No Paint, No Fuss !!