Anglesey 10hr endurance race report:
Team Caledonian Ltd
Number 28
Mat & Lee Rawlings, Ken Chitty & Myself
This time we were on the international circuit to which I’d never done,so qualifying was to do the best job I could of getting used to the braking points and entry’s and exits. So it came down to Mat to to put us on P30 on the grid. With having a Le-Mans start it was all down to me 😬 but as it happened I sprinted across the track jumped on the bike hit the start button and we was away making a awesome start and getting the team up into 22nd. Our plan was to do 50 minute stints but after 45 minutes the safety car came out due to a faller, a few laps later it was all go again but was time to pit and get the transponder swapped over to Ken for his 50 minutes. He was off like a rocket making a few places up and placing us into P19 but after 40 minutes he  came in with a slight issue so it was then down to Mat’s 50 minute stint doing the best he could with one eye as some grit had blown in his eye from pit lane which even with about a litre of eye wash it wouldn’t shift. He was doing a cracking job and keeping us in P19 for his 50 minutes. Next out was Lee for his 50 minutes also having a cracking race and holding us in P19  where we stayed for lap after lap. With 2 hours to go we were 10 minutes adrift with Ken coming in early on his first stint we had to make up 10 minutes but riding for 50 minutes we was at the limit on how far a full tank of fuel would go, so we decided to chance it and I opted to go for 55 mins and Ken do the same if he had enough in the tank to our amazement it did with entering the pits with zero fuel left, talk about perfect timing and making up the 10 minutes we had lost 😁. This saved us a pit stop and doing this held our position to finish in P19 out of 43 teams and 5th in class with 4 laps ahead of P20 and 2 laps down on P18. A fantastic result for the team over 10 hours solid racing putting our whole bodies on the limit. Perfect weather, mega racing with a well deserved beer after 😁.
Massive thanks to the team for a awesome effort, despite my link pipe cracking and having to make a sleeve for it , Mat and a leaking fuel tank to us to repair , Ken and his FI light come on so he was on the lap top to sort it, Lee’s bike no problems at all.
This event was dedicated to our old friend Doug 1936-2019, To Doug 🍺