Dent Removal

Dent Punched into Nearly New Car – This picture shows a car our technicians repaired after its owner punched it…Yes, his own car!

Dent Punched into Nearly New Car

This was a very unusual request by a guy who said he needed us to see if we could repair the dent that had been caused by him punching the car.

He’d punched the car following an incident which involved a third party and his daughter.  His wife restrained him from the inevitable, but instead he took his anger and frustration out on their nearly new car.

As a result of his actions, he had caused a rift between himself and his wife who told him he had two weeks to get the car fixed.

His neighbour had become aware of this situation and had advised him to give Dent Technique a call.  As you can see by the results he did the right thing, because we repaired the damage and all’s well.

Dent Punched into Nearly New Car Before and After

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