As you can see from the Before & After pictures this damage is a very large Swage Line Dent that unfortunately happened as the result of a ‘Road Rage’ incident!!
All he did was change lane but the Driver he pulled in front of in doing so pulled-up at the following g set of Traffic Lights saying he “Cut him up” ???
After an altercation the angry Driver decided to take it out on his Car by kicking his Door as hard as he could !!!
As you can imagine he was gutted when he’d seen what the Driver had done his Car especially seeing as it was over the Christmas Period !
So he sent out photo’s to various PDR Companies that repliesmd saying it was too far gone for a Paintless Repair & told him he would need to go to a Bodyshop! That was until he heard from us ??
We replied to his email/Text with an estimation of cost that he was very happy with, so we booked the repair in our Diary, went to his house at his convenience, repaired his Door to a very high standard without the use of paint or fillers keeping the paintwork & integrity of the Car in tact !!
Please feel free to take of our skills & text a picture to 07967 647138 for an estimate