As you can see from the pictures below this VW Caddy Van was due to be returned to the lease company – however after inspection it had unexceptionable Damage on the rear door !!
The lease company inspected the Damage and told their customer the Damage was too severe for a Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) Repair and quoted them the excessive cost to repair & paint the Door ??
When it comes to preparing a Car/Van for contract hire/Lease return, Their customer soon became our customer as you can see from the Before & After pictures, after calling us we went to their workplace, quoted the repair (that was around a 3rd of the lease companies quote) and repaired the Door back to as new condition without the use of any paint or fillers !!
If you have a Car or a Fleet if Cars on Contract Hire/Lease/PCP that are due to be returned to the Finance Company our advise is send them back in as “Mint” condition as possible to avoid any surprisingly unnecessary costs once returned ?
We would be more than happy to inspect and quote any damage ……