Car dent removal Leicester
This is what happens when you Reverse your Car into your outer Window Sill whilst ignoring your Reverse parking sensors !!
We’ve all done it? You’re reversing upto something and you have this moment of Madness when you think, those reverse sensors always pick-up objects far too early, so you edge further back – until crunch !! – You’re gone too far!!
That’s what unfortunately happened to this Chap, so he went straight to his local Renault Dealership for a Quotation, they Recommended he tried Dent Technique first due to the Cost & inconvenience of losing his Car for Days while it’s repaired.
So he booked appointment to have it quoted at our Unit in Enderby, it was booked-in for repair a few days later & as you can see from the before & after pictures he went away a very happy chap!
Repaired without the aid of any Paint or Fillers, the convenience of our same day service, keeping the integrity of the his Car in tact.