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Who knows what your brand-new car has been through before you take delivery?
What has your brand new car been through? - Dent Technique
This car was placed on display within a showroom to promote the new 17 registration plate. It had only been on display for just two days, when suddenly a dent was discovered. The assumption is that the dent was caused by someone viewing the car next to it and opening the door straight onto this one.

In order to fix the dent prior to sale, the last resort for the dealership was thought to be the option of filling and painting the dent, as they wanted to keep the bodywork warranty and the integrity of the car intact.


However, rather than painting and filling the dent, they contacted Dent Technique and we turned up at the showroom the following day. We worked on the dent to remove it and as you can see from the before and after pictures, we successfully restored the new car back to its original condition keeping the integrity of it intact.


We are always keen to leave our contact details with car dealerships and can help to successfully remove dents from new cars ready for sale.  Accidents happen and dents are caused on many occasions even within the showroom.

Do keep Dent Technique’s contact details – Call: 0800 988 0239